Cockroach Prevention
Carefully inspect all incoming deliveries, cartons, groceries, cardboard boxes, laundry, luggage, used
furniture and appliances and firewood for the presence of roaches or their egg cases.

Indoors, all potential hiding and breeding areas should be eliminated. Cracks, crevices and holes in floors, walls and
ceilings should be repaired and openings around plumbing fixtures, flues, electrical outlets, heating ducts, between
window sills and walls, and along skirting boards and ceiling moldings should be sealed.

Cleanliness in the home or business greatly lessens the possibility of cockroach infestation. Unwashed dishes and
kitchen utensils and exposed food should not be left out overnight. All spilled liquids should be cleaned up.
Cupboards, pantry shelves, storage bins, appliance motor housings and floors where food particles accumulate
should be cleaned often, first by vacuuming and then with soapy water. Kitchen wastes and dry pet food should be
kept in containers with tightly fitting lids. All leaky pipes, backed up drains, condensation problems and other sources
of moisture must be repaired or eliminated.


Only after these preventative methods have been employed should you begin your efforts to control the pests with
insecticides or traps. The first sign of infestation may be scattered roach body fragments on the floor or individual
roach egg cases. Enter dark rooms with a flashlight to locate infested areas. Because various combinations of
cockroaches can occur in the same building, it is essential to accurately identify the species. This will enable you to
use control measures that work effectively with specific behavioral patterns and life requirements of each particular

Non-chemical Controls

Non Baited Traps can be an effective way to reduce cockroach populations (especially against brown-banded and
German cockroaches) and whenever possible should be used in combination with preventative measures and
insecticidal treatments. Most cockroach traps are rectangular or triangular cardboard "boxes" open at both ends with
the inside surface banded with a very sticky adhesive and food attractant. Roaches enter the trap and are immobilized
in the adhesive. Traps should be positioned (with both ends unobstructed) so as to intercept roaches as they travel
from their hiding places to food sources. If no cockroaches are caught in a trap after two nights, change its location. A
properly placed trap can catch numerous adults and/or nymphs on a daily basis (as long as they are replaced when
full). Traps are also important for monitoring cockroach activity; for example, assisting in species identification,
identifying infested areas, determining relative population density, determining population composition (adults vs
nymphs) and monitoring effectiveness of chemical controls. Traps are inexpensive, easy to use, disposable and
contain no toxic substances.

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