Benidorm Spain Currency Exchange
What is your GB Pound worth in Benidorm today.
Check the exchange rate today in Benidorm from £ to € or € to £
Best tourist rates at Sheila's Money Exchange indoor market
Transferring large amounts to or from Spain? Please read on
Changing money in Benidorm
Holiday Money Exchange
When exchanging British (£) Pounds in
Benidorm the rate you will get today is
the Tourist rate not the international
bank rate. Therefore you will likely get
from 1.5 to 2 cents below the current
conversion rate shown

We recommend for Holiday Money
Sheila´s Money Exchange
Benidorm Indoor Market
They have been changing GBP (£)
Sterling for over 22 years and are well
known in Benidorm they do not charge
any Fees ~ The Euro exchange rate
that you see on the day is what you get
no commissions.

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So, why choose Currencies Direct?

They were the first company outside the banking world
to focus on the business of sending money abroad.
They have been doing it since 1996.

  • Bank-Beating Exchange Rates
  • Fast, Free Money Transfers
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Authorised by the FCA
  • Access to a Currency Expert
  • No Fees and 0% Commission

Transferring your finances is not the most exciting part of relocating to Spain or
returning to the UK, however, it is potentially one of the most important decisions you’ll make
– get it wrong and you could end up with less Euros than you expect, get it right and you
could save yourself thousands, as much as 5%!

When it comes to your money, you need to be sure that it is in safe hands, that is why
Currencies Direct make one simple promise:  They transfer your money, wherever you need
it, whenever you need it, at the best possible rate – every time.

Foreign exchange - It’s not foreign to them.
Ask yourself:  Does your bank give you access to a dedicated currency dealer?
They do! It is their job to know the markets inside out and ensure that you get all the help
you need to optimise your transfer.

Do you hate jargon?
So do they. At every stage of the process, everything they do is explained in plain English.
And if there is anything you do not understand, simply ask.

Don’t want to pay any fees?
Then don’t. They offer free transfers on amounts over £5,000 and have negotiated
with many banks in Spain so that Currencies Direct customers do not pay receiving fees.

Complete peace of mind
It is important that you are confident that the company transferring your money will do so
safely and securely, so they encourage you to talk to them before, during and even after
your transaction. Currencies direct pride themselves on ensuring that all of their clients enjoy
a straightforward hassle-free service and save money in the process.

Value on tap....
Need to transfer money quickly?
They will get you the best rate available right now – and guarantee it – with a ‘spot deal’.

Have a date in mind for your move?
Then they can fix a rate for up to two years so you’ll know exactly how much you will get for
your money when you need it. This is known as a ‘forward contract’.

Want to hang on for the perfect Euro exchange rate?
Then they can work with you to agree a desired rate and as soon as the market hits that rate
they will transfer your funds – it’s what everyone calls a ‘limit order’.

Simply talk to one of their experts and establish the best option for your needs.
Their experienced dealers constantly monitor the currency markets in order to secure you
the best rate. They would rather you concentrate on the important things like completing the
purchase of your property, business, living arrangements, schools and jobs.

Don’t lose touch...
Once you have moved to Spain, they have an overseas regular transfer plan which allows
you to take advantage of the same great rates and service as your main transaction on any
regular transfers. So if you will be making or receiving payments regularly (pensions,
mortgages, maintenance, salaries, etc.), just ask Currencies Direct for more details.

Open an account today
well in advance of your move...
It’s never been so easy.  To comply with HM Customs & Excise Money Laundering
Regulations, all clients are required to open an account with them. Opening an account takes
just a few minutes of your time and there is no obligation to use them.  However, once your
account is open, you are in a position to obtain rates and save money on your international
payments as soon as needed.  Opening an
account early is ideal for those looking to buy
a property or business, this way everything is
in place and ready for when you need the funds.

To open an account, they require the following:
• Completed registration form
• Signed terms and conditions

• Please note that if you are not a UK resident,
you will need to provide original certified
photocopies of your passport or driving licence
and a recent utility bill or bank statement.
Documents can be legally certified on the
Costa Blanca at any Notary. Please Visit
ExpressLegalCafe.com for help with local
legal matters, notary appointments and
all Spanish bureaucracy issues.
Everyday - Currencies Direct help thousands of people buy or manage their dream
home or business on the Costa Blanca by offering great exchange rates and a service that
banks find hard to beat, save up to 5%! International money payments and foreign exchange
is all they do. With a friendly and efficient team of local and UK based specialists they make
the whole process simple and hassle-free. So if you’re buying, selling, living or investing in
They will make it easy!
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Euro Exchange Rate Today in Benidorm, Spain
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