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Civil marriages can be arranged in Benidorm for people over 18.
While Spanish law appears to permit foreigners to marry in Spain, in
practice it will often be necessary for one or both parties to be legally
registered.  However, the by-laws and regulations with reference to
procedures and documentation required differ from town  to town and  
are being changed regularly.  Some towns will only allow civil weddings
on certain days of the week in their Registry Office, whereas others
are more flexible and will allow the ceremony 7 days a week in private
premises such as Hotels, Restaurants and Villas.

Religious gay marriages in Catholic churches are not allowed, but a
religious blessing is available on the Costa Blanca from some Ministers
or Lay Preachers.  Other areas of Spain vary on their approach on the
matter.  This is still an exception and is not yet widespread.  Many gay
Spaniards and foreigners seem to be opting for a humanist blessing
following the official marriage ceremony here or in their own country.  
For a more faith based ceremony or a non-faith based ceremony right
here in Benidorm.

An application for marriage in Spain can involve lengthy and time
consuming paperwork, you should therefore allow enough time before
the intended date of marriage for the application to be processed. It
can take many months in reality and as a general rule six months is
required to complete the application in the Costa Blanca and Benidorm.

It is recommended that you enlist the help of a wedding planner who
will have knowledge of all the requirements in your chosen town.  It is
essential also that you employ a good
English Solicitor in Spain who
understands your needs and can advise on Inheritance issues which
are complicated. Some couples opt for a civil partnership ceremony in
their own country and follow with a blessing ceremony in Spain.  This
can be arranged with
Benidorm Celebrations.  Although it is legal to
marry same sex couples some town mayors on moral grounds and are
still making it difficult for some couples. Although as of November 2009
it is possible to get married in all towns if you stand up for your rights.

GIBRALTAR:  If you are thinking of popping over to Gibraltar forget it - you cannot
have a same sex civil ceremony.  Despite pretending to be a bit  of Britain in
Spain and part of the EU.  To be honest Gibraltar is run by a  government of old
empire types with a chief who is outdated and homophobic who thinks the British
empire is still in existence and Queen Victoria still in power!  Best to avoid
Gibraltar at all costs it is bit of a dump anyway - lots of heavy drinking ex-pats
clinging to a rock opposite an industrial port.  Discrimination of gay people is wide
spread by the government with a new bill for equality defeated again in June
2009.  More info at
 Wikipedia and  Gibraltar Gay Rights

Benidorm is adhering to the new legislation and is therefore an ideal
venue for your marriage in Spain.  There have been many marriages
here since the new laws were introduced.

The new law  It appears that different areas are adopting the law
more slowly than others it is therefore best to ensure that it is possible
to get married in the way you want in your chosen town at this time.
We suggest that you contact your local gay group or town hall in your
area for up to date information.

In theory you are covered under EU and EEA (European Economic
Area) common law which means that a gay marriage in Spain should
be legally recognised in those countries who allow same sex unions.  
However a gay marriage is not recognised as a marriage as such in
the UK but is recognised as a civil partnership.  Only Canada, Spain
South Africa, Netherlands and Norway (Jan 1 2009) and Belgium
recognise gay marriage.  You should check with your country of
residence before committing to a marriage in Spain to ensure it will be
legally recognised within their partnership laws.  Spain recognise UK
civil partnerships within Spain and has done since 2007.

For assistance in planning your gay wedding in Spain you should
look no further than
Javea Organisers or Benidorm Wedding
Celebrations both of whom operate a very gay friendly wedding
service on the Costa Blanca.  You will also be assured a problem free
marriage as these folks really do know what they are doing

They can help you with the following;
Reception and Ceremony Venue finding
Partnership Registration information  
Ceremony creation and advice
Inflatable church Yes a church seating 60
Photographer - Flowers - Cake - Invitations
Table decorations and seating plans
Fireworks - Gift List, Entertainment - Transport
Very gay friendly organisers - Blessings, gay weddings, parties, same sex unions, special events catered for and organised
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Legal Documents Required
For Getting Married in Spain

Getting married in Spain does vary from Town Hall to
Town Hall, but the basic documents remain the same for
foreigners that wish to get married in Benidorm you will
need the following

1. An original birth certificate
2.Certificate of Residence ("Empadronamiento")
4.Certificate of no impediment to Marriage (this can be
obtained either from your local registry office or from the
Spanish consulate. You will need to check which your
particular town hall asks for.
5.If applicable an original divorce certificate
6.If applicable an original death certificate

All documents that are in English have to have the Hague
Apostille on them.

This is available from:
Legislation Office
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Norfolk House West
437 Silbury Boulevard
Milton Keynes
Go To FCO Legalisation Website

The current fee for the Apostille is £28 for each
document. If you go in person the process takes about 2
days. If you send the documents by post it takes 2 weeks.
All documents must then be translated into Spanish and
be handed in at the relevant town hall at least 3 or 4
months before the date of the planned wedding. Contact   
Express Legal Solicitors in La Nucia for advice.
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